March 26, 2009

my REAL wall – March 26, 2009

New post in from my mate Amber, containing loads of bits and pieces from her recent trip to India all “bought from a kid outside the tomb of Tipu Sultan”, which sounds pretty cool to me. The package arrived today sent from Brighton yesterday and contains bookmarks, a keyring and some blank postcards.

In my opinion my REAL wall is not a place but a state of mind, and the whole philosophy of it is to interact with REAL people in REAL space again so, as a load of friends were round the package from Amber became a huge talking point and culminated in a social photoshoot for tonight.

March 21, 2009

my REAL wall – March 20, 2009

This shot has a profile pic in it of me illuminated in the bath and the lettering is done in light. I like the eerie effect of this particular take, although I done 3 shots tonight, so take a look at flickr to see the other results for yourself and decide which is best.

The shot was done in a completely darkened bathroom by selectively illuminating parts of the scene featuring REAL post using an LED pocket torch and a standard AA maglite, shone through a carboard tube to minimise halo.

The writing was done in the air using the LED torch

This was the second of the 3 takes done tonight and the whole shoot took about 2 hours, finished at 4:30am.