April 9, 2009

your REAL wall – Postcard on Erika’s fridge

This one nearly got me a punch in the face, as the postcard I sent from Tobago to Erika says in big letters “HI SEXY!” across the centre of it. I have asked her for a while if she wouldn’t mind taking a pic of it on her fridge as a your REAL wall artefact but, as they say, if you want something done you have to do it yourself.

So I popped over with my G1 phone and took the shot. While there, Erika’s boyfriend got the hump that me and her were laughing so hard in the kitchen, so he stormed in and starting screaming at me and swearing in Italian.

“If you come over here again without telling me first, I’m gonna….” he said

“You’re gonna what?”

He stormed out the room and slammed the door.

What a dick!

What a shot!

Your REAL wall. It’s REAL life sexy!

6 thoughts on “your REAL wall – Postcard on Erika’s fridge

  1. Hello fucko (which fucko is this by the way?) You’re very welcome – you know I love sending postcards. I presume this is Erika. You realise that Filipo will work this out as well, that it is you, then he will come over and threaten me like a small child again…

  2. No Andy, not Erika, and in actual fact the previous comment had a sarcastic tone to it… worked it out yet? 😛

  3. are you tryin to tell me that you haven’t even posted that puffin to me yet? surely this can’t be a fair swap, i send YOU TWO 2 postcards and you don’t bother to post me a single puffin in return!


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