May 9, 2009

my REAL wall – May 09, 2009 – Shepherd’s Bush Park

After I ruined my friend’s wallpaper thought it would be better not to ruin another wall. I was in the park, taking a breather after an hour of cycling, enjoying a few minutes of sunshine and it crossed my mind that Andy’s new postcards would look interesting stuck on the bench.

4 thoughts on “my REAL wall – May 09, 2009 – Shepherd’s Bush Park

  1. Oh wow! You stuck the one on that I sent to you on there! That´s really cool! It´s quite confusing cos it´s like your REAL wall and my REAL wall all in one place. I guess this should be called our REAL wall. I presume that´s yours and Your Friend´s bikes in the back? Did you take her to see my house? Oh gosh. I hope you tidied up before she arrived!

  2. Think our REAL wall it’s a good one. You are right about the bikes. Don’t worry I didn’t risk it to take her upstairs. She will go crazy if she’ll se your filling system. She waited me outside

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