October 6, 2009

my REAL wall – 06 October 2009 – News preview

Last night a photographer came over from the Hammersmith and Kensington Times local newspaper to take a shot of me and my REAL wall for a story that should be running in this weeks paper.

This came about after Postmuse suggested that I write to a newspaper about the councils ludicrous demand letter.

I sent the paper a brief story outline on Friday and on Monday the editor called me and said that they had a story and he would be sending his photographer round to my house in the evening, so I thought I’d dig out some of the cards that I’ve received and put them on the wall.

The photographer came over at 7:30, took a couple of shots and left. Here’s a preview of what will be in the paper, minus me so you can see the wall in all it’s glory with your postcards from past and present.

If you spot yours why not click through to the flickr site and add a note to claim it!

3 thoughts on “my REAL wall – 06 October 2009 – News preview

  1. I can't wait to see how the council respond. I really hope they get into the spirit of the REAL wall and send something light-hearted. However, I suspect that they won't and will throw me in prison instead, then I'll be able to take my CELL wall photos instead…

  2. Cell wall photos with a cell phone, I presume 😉 Maybe these council people are just jealous and you should direct them to PostCrossing.com and SendSomething.net, or they can adopt some of my postcards.

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