October 1, 2009

my REAL wall – 1 October 2009 – Pay your taxes!

This week among the other post I received I got one from Hammersmith and Fulham council, demanding that I declare my REAL wall as a business and pay for waste disposal for my REAL wall at business rates.

Clearly the postman has reported that I’m getting a whole lot of mail delivered, and the council probably have spies out looking for that sort of thing I guess.

Anyway, as is normal for anything that appears in my postbox, the demand letter from the council is now up on my REAL wall for all of you to enjoy.

Think I might send them a mailart postcard collage in return, probably made up of rubbish in the style of Dumpsterdiversanonymous. See what they make of that.

2 thoughts on “my REAL wall – 1 October 2009 – Pay your taxes!

  1. Thanks for the idea Postmuse – I wrote to the local paper last week and they called me this morning and I had a photographer from the HKtimes come over this evening to take a shoot of the REAL wall. It should be in the paper on Thursday!

    Thanks to you, I've now made the local news no less!

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