October 5, 2009

my REAL wall – 05 October 2009 – Favourites

I’m really pleased to welcome new viewers who have come in from the postcrossing blog today and for your eyes, I’ve dug up some of my favourite postcards that I’ve received since opening my REAL wall in February.

There are far too many cool ones to stick up but if yours hasn’t made it on there, never fear, I put this together in a rush this morning, and probably just missed yours out.

October 2, 2009

My REAL wall has saved my sight!

I have a little problem in the office. I sit next to the window in my new office and even though the summer is dying away this year, I still get the sun good and harsh in my eyes and up my right side at about noon.

This year the sun has been so harsh that I am really brown on my right side and a good dark yellow on my left and I've taken to turning around like a kebab to keep the tan even.

Finally I resorted to putting up posters over the windows and today I finally snapped and decided to stick some of your postcards on the window instead cos the posters kept falling off.

That now seems to work. Thanks to all for saving my sight and skin.

Apologies for the poor photo I took this at work on my camera.

October 1, 2009

my REAL wall – 1 October 2009 – Pay your taxes!

This week among the other post I received I got one from Hammersmith and Fulham council, demanding that I declare my REAL wall as a business and pay for waste disposal for my REAL wall at business rates.

Clearly the postman has reported that I’m getting a whole lot of mail delivered, and the council probably have spies out looking for that sort of thing I guess.

Anyway, as is normal for anything that appears in my postbox, the demand letter from the council is now up on my REAL wall for all of you to enjoy.

Think I might send them a mailart postcard collage in return, probably made up of rubbish in the style of Dumpsterdiversanonymous. See what they make of that.