October 22, 2009

Your REAL wall from Jelmer Lentrickx from Postcrossing

Jelmer, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

As you all know, there are 2 ways to be on my REAL wall. The most obvious one is to send me a REAL post, and the other is to photograph my REAL post on your REAL wall.

The latest REAL wall is one of yours and comes from Jelmer Lentrickx, a postcrossing member from the Netherlands.

Mine is the green one at the bottom left hand corner, which is from the BBC Poetry season.

In Jelmer’s own words

the man that is a stranger
laughs and will forever laugh
a girl that pushes her own
pram along is older now
and weeps for her mother died
of heart attack and soon she
will have one herself and the
poet who knows only knows
and i just made a huge mistake
but think it’s all way better that way

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