November 11, 2009

my REAL wall 11 November 2009 (Just after midnight)


Elena’s sleeping and I’ve just crept out of bed to change the calendar. She is going to kill me for this!

Tonight’s midnight guilty pleasure features, from right to left, some older pieces from Rachel Freeman, which is made in some very interesting glassy material which I can’t quite place. A real treat for the senses I wish I could get the texture of this piece across in photo.

The bambi with spooky faces piece was an earlier post by Jennifer Zoellner, whose mailart output is prolific and was one of the earliest mailartists to send me stuff.

The elephant is the latest one from Elefantus, whose obsession with elephants really knows no bounds, and finally Dreaming of Tokyo is a pimped photo by the great Dumpsterdiversanonymous

Phew, I’ve managed to type all of that and not wake her up yet. Now I’m going to try and sneak back into bed without her noticing the date change…

4 thoughts on “my REAL wall 11 November 2009 (Just after midnight)

  1. I just got an amazing postcard from Elefantus, too. I scour every resource for elephant postcards for him. And another correspondent likes cemeteries. I'm sure I cause a bit of alarm in shops when I exclaim with delight over cemetery postcards.

  2. Elefantus is a great contact – it's always great to get in touch with people who have a vision, no matter how specific that vision is, be it elephants or cemeteries. I love the way the interpretations that arise due to the collectors pursuit, and with international mailart collection it's especially interesting as the collector has little control over what eventually ends up in their collection.

    What I really appreciate though, is that the enthusiasm with which a dedicated collector pursues their quarry is infectious, and as you rightly point out, we mailartists and post fans then start to look out for one another. It's a nice feeling to feel part of a community in this way I feel and I appreciate every single letter and postcard that I receive because of this.

    After nearly 8 months of my REAL wall I can truly say that I have no regrets about starting this project and hope that it has served as a beacon for many people to rally around REAL post.

  3. …and yes she did catch me and tell me off about the sneaky date change in the morning. The day is spent in the dog house, and all for you readers! The things I will do for a laugh!

  4. He is right about this. I was so looking forward to change it 'cos couldn't do it the night before…… I woke up little after midnight, happy he was sleeping and walk strait to the calendar laughing to myself thinking of his face in the morning when he'll realise I already did it when……… hmm little b…… Next time I'll be faster

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