November 15, 2009

my REAL wall – Above the seedy underbelly of Vienna

Elena and I had just arrived in Vienna and made our way to our hotel, just to the north of Westbahnhoff, the Western main train station.

As we tend to do when arriving in a new country, we looked around innocently for a nice place to put your postcards, all the while looking for our hotel and wondering why there were so many martial arts shops and sex shops in the area.

When we reached Burggasse Stadthalle station, we noticed a long flight of stairs leading upwards to a point above the city and we mounted these, knowing that a good shot awaited us, but not really knowing quite where to point the camera.

So we set this one up and shot it quite innocently, not realising that the magnificent artistic capital of Austria that the world knows was behind us in the opposite direction. What we actually shot as the backdrop was Austria’s red light district.


3 thoughts on “my REAL wall – Above the seedy underbelly of Vienna

  1. Well, as far as red light districts go, this one looks pretty good, at least from this vantage point. The red light district in my home city, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, was called the "Combat Zone." It doesn't really exist anymore, replaced mostly by businesses that cater to the nearby Theatre District. The Combat Zone was really seedy.

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