November 12, 2009

my REAL wall – Lunch break in the park

Over lunchbreak I decided to get in a REAL wall showing the grounds of where I work. I think that the university has really excellent grounds, and one of the reasons I chose to work here is that I came here myself to do my degree and fell in love with the grounds. It’s easy to see why.

Mainly on show today are mailart pieces, they just happened to be at the top of my pile, so appearances are made by StudioN, Jennifer Zoellner, HeebeeJeebee, Eduardo Cardoso, David Berube, Barbara Cowlin, and Dummpsterdiversannonymous among others.

One thought on “my REAL wall – Lunch break in the park

  1. You're right about the grounds – they're fantastic. My brother studied there in 1993, and my Mum in 1997. I applied for five jobs at Roehampton, got two interviews, but no job! And the main reasons were: 1. working near Julie; 2. the surroundings.

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