November 3, 2009

my REAL wall – November 03 2009 – Total rubbish

When I first had the idea for my REAL wall I had a dream that one day it would become an international art gallery showcasing some of the world’s best photographers and artists REAL work, and now I finally have enough pieces of mailart from some of you to make this happen.

Today’s featured REAL artist is one of my favourite mailartists on the scene today – Dumpsterdiversanonymous works only with rubbish and recycled materials, but creates some of the most breathtaking and original artworks. I drop by her flickr page almost daily as she has a prolific output rate but never lets this compromise quality.

The pieces are displayed in reverse order of when they were received by my REAL wall.

From right to left, we have "Momma, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys" – a fabulous surreal piece, combining a photography magazine and a flower. I absolutely love the sentiment of this piece.

In the middle is this is a paper status update callde "Noh bugs" updating me on the California.

The first piece that I received, to the right was the classic “Lunar jumping contest“, showing a flea taking on a frog on the moon.

Dumpsterdivers sense of humour and skill with her material arrangement is second to none and she is deservedly my first featured artist!

NB – (I’ve just realised I forgot to add "Dreaming of Tokyo" – a Pimp my photo project that Carroll done for me)

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