November 12, 2009

my REAL wall – The End of the Hammersmith and City Line

I find it strange that tube stations can be completely empty in zone 2, but Goldhawk Road station, which is just next to my house is often a ghost town. I think most days it has one person working on the ticket office, who goes home at about 6pm, leaving the station empty and operated by robots.

So when you roll up to Goldhawk Road, your announcement is done by a recording, which tells you to mind the gap and all sorts. I can’t help but feel when a pre-recorded announces that your train is late that they sort of expected it, and can never quite shake off this idea that in some way the pre-recording of an announcement that your train is going to be late is somehow responsible for it being late.

Because the station was so automated and inhuman, I felt a need to inject a bit of human contact into the surroundings and that’s how this wall was born.

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