November 30, 2009

Your REAL wall from Bryndís Þórhallsdóttir from Iceland

Hi Andy. Here is my tribute to My Real Wall. And there is a drawing in the
picture. I just didnt want to take it down.

From: Bryndís Þórhallsdóttir
Date: 2009/11/29

[my Postcard is the Black and White Beatles one there – Remember that if you have a postcard from me, stick it up on your wall and send me an email of it and I’ll put it up right here in the your REAL wall section of the site! Andy]

5 thoughts on “Your REAL wall from Bryndís Þórhallsdóttir from Iceland

  1. Yes of course I would! It looks quite political right? Axes and generals and things? A great wall though Susanna, so many different countries represented here! I'll try and get to the postbox again soon for you, but in the meantime do keep the walls coming!

  2. cool. Were going next Friday. But youre not gona get any picture untill after christmas. My exsames are strating and i have put a stop on postcrossing and privat swaps until the 9th of Desember to focuse on my studdys.

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