December 16, 2009

An introduction from L-plate big cheese (photographer on assignment)

my REAL wall in Olga's house

When Andy first asked me to go assignment for his REAL wall, I was not entirely sure where I'd go with it.  Well, it just so happens I'm off to Portugal on Saturday and you're all coming with me 🙂

My name is Olga, aka L-plate big cheese in the photography world, and one of the Russians Andy mentioned in the last post.  As Andy's still sweating and spluttering in bed on the other side of town, I thought I'd introduce myself, and let you know what postcards are packed into my camera bag.

You'll see more from me over the next couple of weeks, including different featured hairstyles.


5 thoughts on “An introduction from L-plate big cheese (photographer on assignment)

  1. Kewl pic! I don't think any of my postcards are among them… hard to see with the red light. I'd love to do an assignment. Too bad I'm not in England though.

  2. Hi Aeyame – if Ivan is around London I can hook up with him and hand him some to take to you. When are you 2 back together? Alternatively, and this is the first time I have done this, I can send you a lucky dip package to take for a month of assignment and send back. Up for it?

  3. I remember buying this orange fikter with you in the Rastro market that Sunday in Madrid Big Cheese! Like the way that you're keeping things pretty mysterious and the cards will still surpise when they come out in Portugal next week. This brought a smile to my sweaty sick face I tell you

  4. Just 35 hours to go until I'm on the plane and your postcards are whisked away 🙂

    Wow, Andy, I remember that market was spectacular. In fact I'm hoping for a bit of market action out there in Portugal… there may be something I can whip out of the hat tonight as well 🙂

    Happy sweating

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