December 1, 2009

my REAL wall – 1 December 2009 – Postcard cover up!

It’s December and I’m moving out of Goldhawk Road into my new place in 2 weekends time. Contracts for the new house finalise on the 11th of December and I aim to start moving my stuff in that weekend.

I decided to make things easy for my landlady and so over the last week I’ve been advertising this room. Of course, if I got somebody in to replace me I would more easily get my deposit back too…

Last night the first interested person came over and, with half an hour to go before they arrived I looked at my empty REAL wall and realised it was a disaster – the blu-tac I use to stick your postcards to the wall had left stains all over the wall!

So this one, including only 3 new postcards was put up in a hurry to cover the blu-tac marks, which explains why it’s so densely packed.

And for your information, he took the place! Which means I get my deposit back straight away and can move out worry-free! Yay!

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