December 7, 2009

my REAL wall – The 100

my REAL wall – The 100, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

A while back I was told by Gareth about a project called The 100. Following up this lead, I emailed the organiser, Sean and said I’d be up for it. Obviously I had no idea what it was at the time…

The email back from Sean described the project

"The 100 is basically a photographic project which aims to showcase inquisitive people who are willing to reply to a cryptic ad and join something they know very little about. I send my joinees a card with their individual number on it and ask them to take a photo of themselves doing something that defines their character. Then I’ll have a huge piece with 100 photos on it!"

I love the idea of my REAL wall being part of other art projects, like the recent involvement with the Plains Art Museum in Fargo. It makes sense for my installation/bedroom art gallery to showcase other art projects so here’s my contribution to the 100 project with my number – 44.

my REAL wall today features mainly new stuff from Swap-bot, as I’ve been involved in a few swaps lately.

LATE UPDATE : Having looked at The 100 Deviantart page I see that this REAL wall may not be eligible as it doesn’t have the official card on it. Watch this space…

2 thoughts on “my REAL wall – The 100

  1. The idea wasn't bad. 100 contributors and all that, but after 4 months only 15 pics have come back. I think the execution could have been more slick, but the germ of an idea has been planted. Always on the lookout for new art projects, so if anyone out there hears of any I'm sure I can somehow leverage the power of my REAL wall somehow!

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