December 25, 2009

The REAL wall gets cultural in Alcobaca

Bom dia to all from Portugal, I'm a few days behind posting my photos
taken on assignment, but just in time for Christmas. So here goes the
first of a few…

On the first full day in Portugal, we visited the Mosteiro de
Alcobaca. This is the largest church in the whole country and very
significant: it was founded in 1153 by Dom Alfonzo Henrique to
celebrate his victory over the Moors. He was, in fact, Portugal's
first King. Without him the country could have looked very different

Anyways, after some REAL wall action, I looted (politely) a small
antique market before we got down to some even more serious culture at
a nearby Loja Chinese (Chinese store aka warehouse full of random
cheap stuff – heaven!). Key finds included:
> Unidentified article of clothing branded "Easy on Backside",
> Penholder where a bent over man's rectum serves said purpose,
> Slimming vest proclaiming "Victory is yours forever",
> Very fine-looking axes priced €3.50. You don't have to be bourgeoisie to be an axe murdered around here.

Postcards from top down are from:
Museum Nerd: reminded me of Dracula and the Mosteiro in turn reminded
me of Dracula's castle in Romania.
Lageodesign: always makes me laugh, deserves pride of place here.
Courtney: postcard reads "I have no idea where this picture was
actually taken or what's going on". This reminds me of many hungover
mornings looking at photos from the night before thinking that exact
same phrase.
Beenebag: This cunning fox's fez serves as a bit of a reference to the Moors.

Feliz natal!

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