December 5, 2009

Westside Magazine December 2009

This months press coverage is in a local magazine called Westside

The write-up is on page 10, under a headline about the local library running out of books.

I have to confess I don’t particularly like this write-up. I wrote a full write-up of the incident and they’ve pretty much left out the facts and written up a pretty poor, humourless article. There’s no mention of my REAL wall, the headline screams that the council have actually levied the fine, which they haven’t and the picture is a generic pic not one that I sent. I’m most miffed that your protest mail hasn’t made it into print anywhere too, which is a real shame.

Oh well, any publicity is better than nothing I guess, and I’ve finally got some time to get your protest post to the council this weekend, so watch this space.

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