December 25, 2009

What do libraries and forests have in common? (Distance from postcard send: ?)

…they both contain a load of paper. Not even sure why I wrote this,
it's not a joke or anything, but very true.

And this particular library had the perfect tree outside, topped by a
very hazy moon. Instantly, I remembered the postcard with the
"moonrise drive" and pulled it from my bag to get this shot. Again,
this is from an unidentified sender (Andy- help!).

Loving being on assignment at moments like that,

PS – excuse the multiple blog sends tonight, but come on, it's
Christmas! You must have all been v good this year πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “What do libraries and forests have in common? (Distance from postcard send: ?)

  1. If it's the one I think it is it's from Rebecca R, a regular contributor who runs the awesome (Y)our sky blog. I've just asked her, let's see if she'll confirm that.

    PS – I love this game! i get to have as much fun looking to see if I can identify the cards as my contributors! πŸ™‚

  2. Loving the idea too – recreating postcards in different settings! Was this what you had in mind when you took them? I noticed you had quite a stringent criteria for picking postcards when you were choosing them the other night!

  3. Ola πŸ™‚

    Wow, it's been pretty banana republic here, no electricity yesterday; even the local mobile communications mast seems to have suffered, there was no signal available at all Bof.

    I just picked photos which made me feel something, a connection perhaps, or a good composition. The main point at the time was to find images I could complement during the trip – effectively, when there is a postcard present in any photo, you're combining two images into the formation of one photo. To me, the resulting photo is always more effective when the two images can relate to each other. Voila.

    Have some photos of the sky, so hope to get some to Rebecca soon πŸ™‚

    Well, anyway, shall be on the plane in 8 hours, heading back to the island

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