January 11, 2010

Local bargains and global snail mail

I’m finally getting my act together in the new house and yesterday me and Elena put up our kitchen noticeboard.

Obviously, the REAL wall kitchen noticeboard has to be a little special as it will play host to all your wonderful post as well as notices, and I picked up a really awesome memo board for the job. It’s this 3m memo board stuff, that is slightly sticky, and all you need to do is push your postcard onto it and it sticks up there. No blu tac or glue or staples needed. It’s almost as if it were made for the REAL wall!

Post today comes from the amazing Cross-Ryu, regular contribtor Wackystuff, Lorraine Kwan. L-plate, and Lou among others.

Also up on the wall are my latest theatre tickets. Me and Elena have decided to be a little more cultured this year and have pairs of tickets to all sorts of shows, including Aladdin at the pantomime in Hackney Empire (excellent – highly recommended but probably sold out), Eigengrau and the Whiskey taster at Bush theatre in Shepherds Bush, and Three Sisters at Hammersmith Lyric.

I want to let you in on a little local secret now. That last ticket for the Lyric was an absolute bargain. The Lyric theatre in Hammersmith has a special offer for local residents in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham on the opening night of every show.

If you live in the borough and can prove you do, just go there the Saturday before the show opens at 9:30 and you can get a free pair of tickets! So there you have it. Local bargains exposed on my REAL wall. You heard it here first…

2 thoughts on “Local bargains and global snail mail

  1. It is a very cool card Susanna and I'm proud to have it up there!

    I've finally got my PO Box address today so have written you a card and I'm going to drop it in the post tomorrow morning!


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