January 28, 2010

my REAL wall – 23 Jan 2010 – The tracks by the beach

We thought we were due a holiday and, having never been to the Algarve, me and Elena decided that a birthday weekend in Portugal for £10 per person each way was too good a bargain to pass up. Return flights of THREE AND A HALF HOURS for both of us for £40! Who would say no!

WE arrived in Faro at about noon on Saturday, a time that we Brits are used to seeing high streets buzzing with shoppers and diners and the place was like a Ghost town. After getting off the bus in the centre of town we were pretty convinced we’d alighted a few stops too early as there was no life to be seen at all.

They obviously do things differently in Portugal.

After a while of looking for people we decided to make our second wall of the trip and here it is.

By the end of the trip we came home totally relaxed. If you’re thinking of a trip to the south of Portugal in the off season, it’s cheap but there really is very little to do, so make sure you bring some postcards to make REAL walls like what we done!

Thanks to Cross Ryu, Dumpsterdiver and the others who accompanied us there in spirit!

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