January 28, 2010

my REAL wall – 27 January 2010 – First arrivals in the PO Box

I moved in to my new place on December 13th of last year and I figured that, as I own this new place and that my REAL wall is a huge and very public website, that I didn’t really need any unpleasant surprises, one of my priorities was to get a PO Box.

It took me a while to apply for and the Royal Mail offer the option of either collecting your post from the delivery office or going the whole hog and getting it delivered, which I went for.

2 weeks ago, Royal Mail called to confirm that my PO Box had gone live so I changed the postal address on postcrossing, swap-bot, my REAL wall, sendsomething and everywhere else that the legendary Goldhawk Road address had taken root.

Then I sat back and waited for the flood of post.

2 weeks later, I was still waiting and, despite sending out loads of paper updates I was starting to get very very worried that Royal Mail had delivered all my lovely post to some undeserving business somewhere on the other side of the country.

So I called them and it turned out that the delivery office had marked my PO Box for collection and not delivery and I had all the cards you see sitting in a box lonely and waiting!

So, to those of you looking to be the first post on my REAL wall sent to my PO Box, congratulations! Sorry I can’t pick out a definitive winner but give yourself a pat on the back as these all conveniently arrived a few days after my birthday. Yay!

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