January 10, 2010

My REAL wall in Westside magazine January 2010

Regular readers know about how my REAL wall recently fell foul of local council restrictions on business waste disposal.

In what may well be the final chapter to this long running saga, local magazine Westside have covered the story for the second month with a quote from a Hammersmith and Fulham council official.

Again, the magazine have reported the story in a humour-free, irony-free way, no quotes from me and none of your protest post, which is a massive disappointment, especially as I had taken the story to them almost fully written, including scans of your postcards and I was on the phone to them giving them priceless quotes.

They called and asked for my response and I said "I look forward to seeing some post from the council on my wall soon" but nothing at all from me.

A wasted story opportunity.

2 thoughts on “My REAL wall in Westside magazine January 2010

  1. What do you mean 'humourless'? "Wish you were here indeed" is a very funny line.

    Oh, sarcasm, if only the internet could convey you.

  2. Hilarious. I get the impression I have written to a council puppet-paper. Talk about totally missing the point.

    Oh well time to move on to the next REAL wall scandal. Wonder what goodies 2010 holds in store…

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