January 1, 2010

New year reflections

For the first REAL wall of 2010 I wanted to make something metaphorical and also start showing all the regular viewers the new house. A whole set of walls that belong to me!

Todays REAL wall is pictured in the mirror with the last one of 2009 to the right. Everything in 2009 is now been and gone and still it's events are clear in our minds, while 2010 is blurry and distant but full of potential.

The mirror is the front of our IKEA wardrobe and you can see reflected in it Andy Warhols 'Marilyn Diptych' which was on the wall when we moved in. This morning Elena noticed that one of the postcards in my postcard calendar was the Marilyn Diptych so it seems our future was already sitting there on our wall in the past!

Other notable things on the wall are the small green knitted square in the centre of the mirror and Katerina Nikoltsous SKETBE mailart poster.

At the stroke of midnight, me and Elena were drinking champagne upstairs in our house and I was working on my first pieces of mailart since moving into the house. Elena was teaching herself how to knit and the green square was her first production. This will be in the post to someone very special to us very soon. I think you know who you are…

The large Red poster is from Katerina who arranged Thesolonika's recent mailart show at SKETBE. Sadly, the day that the museum should have been celebrating their exhibition launch, their offices burnt down and their future remains uncertain. Why not see if your mailart can make a difference in Greece by checking out the links and sending Katerina and the guys at SKETBE your support.  Last I heard they were petitioning for a new office so ask her about it and sign their petition today!

Have a great 2010 folks and thanks for all the cards in 2009!

Andy and Elena

2 thoughts on “New year reflections

  1. Hello, Andy
    Thank you for you message about trading postcards. Especially the Beatles postcard.
    Yes, no hurry about trading since you are going to be busy moving.
    Cheers! And Happy New year!
    Stephanie (from postcrossing-solarts66)

  2. Hi again Stephanie – thanks for dropping by my blog and can't wait to see your postcards up here soon! Why not send me an email with your REAL address so I have somewhere to send it and as soon as I get a spare moment I'll pop one of those in the post for you. 🙂

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