January 14, 2010

my REAL wall – 14 Jan 2010

my REAL wall – 14 Jan 2010, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

The new REAL wall PO Box is now live and waiting for your post!

In the meantime, I’ve dug up some of my favourite old ones, from Missive Maven, Stalex and Amymc, and put them alongside some newer bits from L-plate, Pola and Nico Van Hoorn.

Getting very excited about mail in the PO Box, and in case you don’t already have it, the new REAL wall address is…

my REAL wall
PO Box 63138
W14 4BR

January 11, 2010

Russians say: crocodiles and alligators of the world, unite!

So, there we were, a fantastic array of truly Russian names: Vladislav, Rostislav, Vladislav and… Olga (yes I did feel quite plain), at London’s Natural History Museum. To be honest, it was probably not the most commonsensical destination for 2nd of January – we stood in queues, shuffled around narrow corridors in the wrong direction causing minor people-jams. This is most certainly the young family’s day out of choice.

What did come of it, however, was a nice chance to reunite some crocodiles and alligators (I hear they don’t get to spend much time together) in
1) postcard form;
2) stuffed form;
3) bag form.

Long live the two very similar animals, who are apparently not all that similar at all. Incidentally, does anyone actually know the difference between crocodiles and alligators (our trip to the museum was not very educational).

Jungle Gardens from Amalie
Suomi Finland from a postcrossing sender.

Lplatebigcheese (currently out of action with UK version of jungle fever. Bof)

January 11, 2010

Local bargains and global snail mail

I’m finally getting my act together in the new house and yesterday me and Elena put up our kitchen noticeboard.

Obviously, the REAL wall kitchen noticeboard has to be a little special as it will play host to all your wonderful post as well as notices, and I picked up a really awesome memo board for the job. It’s this 3m memo board stuff, that is slightly sticky, and all you need to do is push your postcard onto it and it sticks up there. No blu tac or glue or staples needed. It’s almost as if it were made for the REAL wall!

Post today comes from the amazing Cross-Ryu, regular contribtor Wackystuff, Lorraine Kwan. L-plate, and Lou among others.

Also up on the wall are my latest theatre tickets. Me and Elena have decided to be a little more cultured this year and have pairs of tickets to all sorts of shows, including Aladdin at the pantomime in Hackney Empire (excellent – highly recommended but probably sold out), Eigengrau and the Whiskey taster at Bush theatre in Shepherds Bush, and Three Sisters at Hammersmith Lyric.

I want to let you in on a little local secret now. That last ticket for the Lyric was an absolute bargain. The Lyric theatre in Hammersmith has a special offer for local residents in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham on the opening night of every show.

If you live in the borough and can prove you do, just go there the Saturday before the show opens at 9:30 and you can get a free pair of tickets! So there you have it. Local bargains exposed on my REAL wall. You heard it here first…

January 10, 2010

My REAL wall in Westside magazine January 2010

Regular readers know about how my REAL wall recently fell foul of local council restrictions on business waste disposal.

In what may well be the final chapter to this long running saga, local magazine Westside have covered the story for the second month with a quote from a Hammersmith and Fulham council official.

Again, the magazine have reported the story in a humour-free, irony-free way, no quotes from me and none of your protest post, which is a massive disappointment, especially as I had taken the story to them almost fully written, including scans of your postcards and I was on the phone to them giving them priceless quotes.

They called and asked for my response and I said "I look forward to seeing some post from the council on my wall soon" but nothing at all from me.

A wasted story opportunity.

January 8, 2010

Your REAL wall – mim4art studio wall 2

Mim is one of the regular contributors to my REAL wall and today she has sent a new picture of her REAL wall featuring my Rug card.

This is the same studio wall we saw way back in August of last year, and some things have changed while some things have very much stayed the same.

In her words

"your rug card is still there, as are the Monas and the Tour Eiffel, but other things have changed up"

Can you spot the differences?

January 3, 2010

Status update

I received this last month ago from Devi in response to my Send me your Status mailart call and it warms my heart.

When I started my REAL wall all that time ago it was because I was absolutely sick of facebook and it's banal status updates, what I saw as social erosion from meaningful interactions to posturing and short, shallow status updates to show off in place of REAL effort and time with your friends.

Of course this was my own opinion (and still is) but my REAL wall was a way to try and see if anyone else felt the same and of course it was a call to arms for people to take the leap and do the same.

I never thought that it would really happen, so when I received this from Devi I was delighted. it would seem that Devi posted his/her final status update on facebook on December 1st. I'm curious a month later to see if he/she has kept to it.

Looks like a status swap in the making as I've only got a REAL address to reply to. Yay!

January 1, 2010

The battle of the big trees (Distance from postcard send: 9,022ish km)

Happy new year, everybody! Hope you all had a splendid evening with
your loved ones. Look forward to experiencing your apartment soon
this year, Andy. And more happy new year wishes to Lou 🙂

It seems a while ago that I was actually in Portugal (my photos are
being uploaded from the UK as a steady stream now that I am back). On
one of the grey wintery days, we took a drive past an area with huge
Eucaluptus trees my mum had told me about, with one particular
postcard in mind. Eucaluptus trees are in abundance in Portgual –
they were brought over from Australia due to their fast growth rate.
It apparently takes 12 years for a eucaluptus tree to grow to
sufficient size for timber, as opposed to 60-70 years for a pine tree,
we were told by a man wielding an axe on his plot of land one day.

There was a fictional face-off between the tree in the photo and the
real tree we stood beside.

Well, there is no way we can have a contest really, for 2 reasons:
– The tree pictured in the photo is no longer around;
– The Eucaluptus tree pictures will never be as big because… it
just physically can't grow to that size.

The tree in the postcard at Yosemite toppled in the winter of 1968/9
after having a big, gaping hole cut in it in 1881. Not bad going,
could you imagine living 87 years with a big hole like that? The
postcard was sent in by Sara.

To help bring the memory of this tree to life again, we took a trip to
the biggest Eucalyptus tree we could find and you'll see my mum having
a great time assisting in relaying the sheer size of this thing. No
cars will drive through it, but it's an impressive sight nevertheless.

Retreating to bed with NY hangover,

January 1, 2010

New year reflections

For the first REAL wall of 2010 I wanted to make something metaphorical and also start showing all the regular viewers the new house. A whole set of walls that belong to me!

Todays REAL wall is pictured in the mirror with the last one of 2009 to the right. Everything in 2009 is now been and gone and still it's events are clear in our minds, while 2010 is blurry and distant but full of potential.

The mirror is the front of our IKEA wardrobe and you can see reflected in it Andy Warhols 'Marilyn Diptych' which was on the wall when we moved in. This morning Elena noticed that one of the postcards in my postcard calendar was the Marilyn Diptych so it seems our future was already sitting there on our wall in the past!

Other notable things on the wall are the small green knitted square in the centre of the mirror and Katerina Nikoltsous SKETBE mailart poster.

At the stroke of midnight, me and Elena were drinking champagne upstairs in our house and I was working on my first pieces of mailart since moving into the house. Elena was teaching herself how to knit and the green square was her first production. This will be in the post to someone very special to us very soon. I think you know who you are…

The large Red poster is from Katerina who arranged Thesolonika's recent mailart show at SKETBE. Sadly, the day that the museum should have been celebrating their exhibition launch, their offices burnt down and their future remains uncertain. Why not see if your mailart can make a difference in Greece by checking out the links and sending Katerina and the guys at SKETBE your support.  Last I heard they were petitioning for a new office so ask her about it and sign their petition today!

Have a great 2010 folks and thanks for all the cards in 2009!

Andy and Elena