January 11, 2010

Russians say: crocodiles and alligators of the world, unite!

So, there we were, a fantastic array of truly Russian names: Vladislav, Rostislav, Vladislav and… Olga (yes I did feel quite plain), at London’s Natural History Museum. To be honest, it was probably not the most commonsensical destination for 2nd of January – we stood in queues, shuffled around narrow corridors in the wrong direction causing minor people-jams. This is most certainly the young family’s day out of choice.

What did come of it, however, was a nice chance to reunite some crocodiles and alligators (I hear they don’t get to spend much time together) in
1) postcard form;
2) stuffed form;
3) bag form.

Long live the two very similar animals, who are apparently not all that similar at all. Incidentally, does anyone actually know the difference between crocodiles and alligators (our trip to the museum was not very educational).

Jungle Gardens from Amalie
Suomi Finland from a postcrossing sender.

Lplatebigcheese (currently out of action with UK version of jungle fever. Bof)

3 thoughts on “Russians say: crocodiles and alligators of the world, unite!

  1. I heard that alligators have overlapping teeth that come out like tusks, but crocs teeth are all inside their mouths. Now that I've typed that and seen it in black and white it does look like a kinda ridiculous distinction right…?

  2. Oh Andy, that is such a eurocentric comment, West Africans may be saying the same thing about your bag… 😉

    Although, granted, I never did understand the appeal of "wearing death" so visibly. In Portugal I visited an antique fair where one scarf was simply two stoats sewed together at the neck (so heads removed) and the rest you just wrapped around yourself lovingly… claws and everything. Yeeek.

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