January 3, 2010

Status update

I received this last month ago from Devi in response to my Send me your Status mailart call and it warms my heart.

When I started my REAL wall all that time ago it was because I was absolutely sick of facebook and it's banal status updates, what I saw as social erosion from meaningful interactions to posturing and short, shallow status updates to show off in place of REAL effort and time with your friends.

Of course this was my own opinion (and still is) but my REAL wall was a way to try and see if anyone else felt the same and of course it was a call to arms for people to take the leap and do the same.

I never thought that it would really happen, so when I received this from Devi I was delighted. it would seem that Devi posted his/her final status update on facebook on December 1st. I'm curious a month later to see if he/she has kept to it.

Looks like a status swap in the making as I've only got a REAL address to reply to. Yay!

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