January 31, 2010

your REAL wall – Snow angel in Romania by AAA

Elena’s best friend AAA recently popped over to see the family in Romania for the Christmas break and volunteered to bring some of your postcards with her to see the place.

Over Christmas it would appear that there was quite a bit of snow and from news reports it seems that this caused a fair bit of trouble in the country.

Luckily though, your postcards were unimpeded and enjoyed a little outing in the snow, where AAA created a snow angel for them to play in.

Most of the cards were from the archives and were handpicked by her when we last met. Mainly it was the mailartists that got to go away on holiday this time around, and a lot of the Twitter ones at that, so appearances from Hardpressed, Lee Ann P, Jennifer Zoellner, Buffalokid, Mexico30, Feltypants, and the Heebeejeebeeland as well as Motoko from Japan and Sherri Ayers from IUOMA.

All cards are now safely back home and recovering from their long trip.

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