February 3, 2010

Moo REAL wall

Moo REAL wall, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

When I heard that Elena’s friend AAA was heading back to Romania and that she has her own cow, I realised that I couldn’t possibly let her go without a whole lot of postcards, some blu-tac and the agreement that cows would feature somewhere on my REAL wall on her return.

Armed with a selection of mailart and a camera AAA took the challenge and went into the darkened barn.

From the feedback, it would appear that blu-tac doesn’t stick to cows and that using flash photography with bovines in dark barns is definitely not to be recommended.

Thanks to Heebeejeebeeland, Sherri Ayers and Mexico30 for your contributions and thanks to Alindruta the cow for letting us use the barn and being a good sport. Best of luck with your new calves!

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