February 28, 2010

my REAL wall – 27 February 2010 – Welcome fish

Today, we decided to add 4 new additions to the house. After hours of deliberation we decided on some names and we’d like to introduce you to Stripey Fish (bottom left), Red Head (Top centre), Orange fish (bottom centre) and Spotty fish (hiding as usual – he’s very shy)

These lucky fish will have a rotating wallpaper of your postcards on the side of their fish tank to keep them company. This week Heleen from Holland will be keeping our fishy pals entertained with her pimped photo envelope showing her recent "visit" to see us at my REAL wall HQ!

Pimp my photos is a mailart call I have had out for a while. I have a load of photos that I printed out that I don’t do anything with. If you can help me make them look cool, send me your address and I’ll send you some photos in an envelope for you to pimp them up and send them back to me.


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