February 14, 2010

my REAL wall – Elena’s Favourites from year 1

In case you were wondering why your photos didn’t make it on the year 1 wall
yesterday, this could be the reason. While we rummaged through the received
mail, Elena saw some that she really loves and decided to put up a
semi-permanent exhibition on the front of our boiler cabinet. If you didn’t
make it on yesterday’s wall, you may have made it on here, where you will
likely stay until something REALLY awesome comes along to take your place!

Some pieces I know very little about as they were sent to her via
postcrossing, and some of you have more than one piece on the wall, notably
Rejin Leys, Okadascat, Dumpsterdiver and Cross Ryu.

Did you make it into Elena’s favourites?

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