February 1, 2010

my REAL wall – February 1, 2010 – Elena models the new REAL wall hoodie!

Being that it was my birthday last Monday, me and Elena went out on Friday night to meet Stalex, AAA and Carl for Vietnamese food and Karaoke.

I always insist that people don’t get me presents for my birthday. Most of my friends think that I do this because I am modest, but I’ll let you REAL wall fans know the REAL reason. It’s cos my friends always buy me such crap presents. Shhhh don’t tell them.

However, this night was VERY different. When we arrived in Deptford, Stalex handed me a bag which was soft to the touch and told me that my present was inside. With no clue as to what it might be, I was intrigued. After a few beers, some banh cuon and a rendition of "He aint heavy" I opened the wrapping and to my surprise, out popped the best present EVER!

Seen here on Elena is the brand new my REAL wall embroidered hoodie, complete with full postal address on the front and URL on the back! After lamenting all those missed opportunities to get my REAL wall in the papers, I finally have the ultimate wearable billboard!

4 thoughts on “my REAL wall – February 1, 2010 – Elena models the new REAL wall hoodie!

  1. This is a fabulous gift! Gotta say that you have some cool friend/s! Now I'm going to want a hoodie with my blog/s on it. OOh wish I could catch sight of you somewhere out and about.

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