February 2, 2010

my REAL wall – February 2, 2010 – A Thing a day

It’s been a while since a bunch of complete strangers on the internet took over my life completely for a month-long project, and experience tells me that when this happens it’s usually a good thing!

This month I thought I’d make it a doubly good thing, and have signed up for Thing-a-day, a project where you do something creative every day for the entire month of February. I decided that this month, I’ll post up a new REAL wall every day, here and on the Thing-a-day site. Usually my REAL wall isn’t quite a daily event, but for the month of February, REAL wall fans will get a guaranteed REAL wall a day right here!

Not content to simply make one thing a day, I’m also signed up with the Unofficial Thing-a-day, (UTAD) a smaller version of the Thing a day, which feels much more personal.

After 5 years, the original Thing-a-day is perhaps a little too big for some participants so another site has been set up, which pays homage to the original but is invite only for a small number of people. Thanks to Sam for the invite to this.

Actually, I’m not really in the UTAD personally but for that project mini-Andy is taking the reins with his comeback. Check out his posts on the UTAD site or at The adventures of mini-Andy, then get ready to take part in the NEW adventures of mini-Andy from March!

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