February 24, 2010

my REAL wall – February 24, 2010 – Finding time to eat

Elena’s job sometimes means that she has to stay overnight at her other place and regular readers of this blog will know when that happens most the time because I will release 2 or more REAL walls into the wild.

Naturally this burst of blog activity doesn’t come without it’s sacrifices, and Elena worries about me when she’s away for the night. Often, when she’s not around, I revert to my old single guy habits, you know the sort of thing – not shaving (nobody notices), not eating and working obsessively into the night on projects.

Tonight, I wanted to use this blog to send Elena a little message. Tonight I’m actually EATING and not spending the whole night working on my REAL wall.

…well sort of.


Thanks to Cherie Bright from Texas for sending the Status Update!

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