March 3, 2010

03 March 2010 – Wall of arts

It’s been a few weeks since I posted on the kitchen REAL wall and since then I paid a visit to Goldhawk Road, the old address to pick up 3 pieces of mail, shown here.

I have never taken it for granted how much effort the readers of this blog go to to send stuff and always appreciate everything that arrives but this morning, looking at this lot I felt a REAL sense of pride and elation.

A year down the line from setting up my REAL wall, and almost every day I get something amazing in the post and all of it is so different and inspiring. As silly as this may sound, puttinga REAL wal up in morning reminds me how cool it is that humans have such great creative ability and capacity for sharing that with others.

It’s a tremendous feeling.

Today sees the return of Art Tower and Shivablack, 2 regular mailart contributors, and a set of colour swatches from Sherri Ayers, around which I should base a poem to send back to her.

The beautiful collage with the face and paddles in the bottom left is a new mailartist to the wall, who I have seen around other sites, called L Podob. I love the textures on this piece, it has what I think is a glue layer over it which feels great and the colours merge really well. One to watch for the future I think.

In the top centre is a postcard of @Jason Cullison‘s from an exhibition he was recently exhibiting at in LA.

At the top right is a postcard from France from Nicolas de La Casiniere. This may be in response to my call for post related to causes, as it is against the wall in Palestine.

The Israeli West Bank barrier is a huge concrete wall built in Israel to seperate Israel from the Palestinian West Bank. I was there 2 years ago, and it is a huge imposing feature, sometimes up to 8m high, with checkpoints all along it. I was interested in taking pics of graffiti there, but the Israeli guards shouted at me for taking pictures, which is a shame as it’s full of great protest art.

As Nicolas says, "Some walls are peaceful and full of graphic poetry. Some are not."

Which side of the wall are you on?

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