March 11, 2010

Art meets mathematics

This last month has been absolutely hectic in my REAL wall HQ. Both me and Elena have taken up new courses which have meant that I’m studying web design and she’s studying statistics every night, hence why postcard and wall production has fallen through the floor. In addition to this, I decided that, with all my evenings taken up, I had to find more time in the day to fill, so I’ve taken up Aikido from 6:30-8:00 AM(!), 2 days a week!

In this week’s post I have post from some of my REAL life friends Carl, who paid a visit to Berlin and L-Plate and Sana who went to Oxford this week, returning some maths homework for me on a postcard. Mailart on the wall this week comes from Fluxus Dakota (Art Detox 2010) and Super-Aska.

Super-Aska is an Australian artist, whose work is inspired by numbers. Maths and Fractal imagery permeate her pieces. The orange piece on my wall today seems to show the internal structure of an orange, but could also be translated as the plasma fluctuations in a plasma ball. I guess the parallels between nature and maths are illustrated in this case, and often fractal imagery occurs in natural phenomena.

Super-Aska is sending out loads of postcards showing close-ups of her paintings, some of which can be seen on her site. If you want one, why not visit her site and send her an email, and apparently she has something
called a facebook group too. Whatever one of those is…

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