April 23, 2010

your REAL wall number 3 from Mim4art

On our recent trip to Romania, I managed to get around to sending some
postcards out to some people in my REAL mail mailing list. This one went out
to Mim, who blogs at mim4art.blogspot.com

Here’s what she has to say by email

Hello Andy and Elena,

I sent you a piece of mail this afternoon for


I took this photo of you Cathedral

postcard on MY real wall.

best to you both,


> mim4art.blogspot.com and www.mim4art.etsy.com

My postcard is the building on the left against blue sky. The building
pictured was very near to Elena’s brothers house in Iasi, Northern Romania,
which was the one-time capital of Romania in the olden days.

Mim is now off to Washington, DC to see the Smithsonian Craft Show, which is apparently a gathering of the top crafts people from around the U.S. Wish I could be there, but I can’t as I’m off paragliding this weekend. It’s my first flight without an instructor, so wish me luck!

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