May 30, 2010

your REAL wall – Tracy from South Africa’s Postcrossing wall

I’ve never posted a picture of someone else’s REAL wall without a postcard from me on it before, but I feel I have to give an honourable mention to Tracy from South Africa, who writes at Tracy’s Topics.

A while ago, in one of my less busy phases I was searching for other people who may have created cool postcard walls on the web and intended to send out postcards to them to create REAL walls, for the your REAL wall section of the site. One of the coolest ideas I saw was on Tracy’s site. Using a pin board and some ribbon, she had created a postcard board that you could easily slip cards in and out of.

I knew I had to get a postcard on there!

However, as you may have noticed from my recently reduced output of REAL walls, I have been increasingly busy this year, what with being given a football team to run, paragliding courses, study, photography team and carnival commitments and a full time job and girlfriend to juggle (yes she is going to slap me silly when she reads that part) I haven’t got around to sending a card.

Still, Tracy has just posted the latest shot of her REAL wall, complete with all her other cards up at her blog. Check it out!

An honourable mention then, a new category created just for you Tracy!

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