June 25, 2010

my REAL wall in Bielefeld, Germany at the start of carnival season

Summer is here at last for us Europeans and for the last 10 years or so that has meant only one thing.


I’ve worked with Yaa Asantewaa, a carnival arts group in London, voluntarily since I left university and have made and worn costumes in Notting Hill Carnival almost every year since 2002.

After the costumes are made and worn in London, we take the show on the road the year after and travel to Denmark, Germany and France to tour.

This year our carnival season kicked off in Germany at the Bielefeld carnival and me and Elena had a great time on the road at this relatively small street party.

We did manage to get some time to look around the pleasant little town after the carnival and found ourselves a nice statue to put your postcards up on right outside the town hall

June 1, 2010

my REAL wall does DIY fridge change

Now finally settled into our new home, me and Elena spent Bank Holiday Monday doing odd jobs and DIY around the house. One of the DIY jobs we had to do this weekend was to change the way that the door on the fridge opens.

When we moved in, the door was fixed to open on the left (hinges on the right) which was really inconvenient because this meant that you were squeezed in between the wall.

Changing the door around was riddled with all sorts of little puzzles and the final one was to move the handle from the left to the right of the door, for which we had to drill some holes.

This left us with two pretty glaring holes, which I suggested we fill with polyfila.

"Chuh!" exclaimed Elena "Let’s just stick a postcard on it"

So we got the fish out that was sent to us by Okadascat and stuck that over the holes. Elena was still not happy with how lonely the card looked on it’s own and insisted that we put more cards up, so here they are!