August 17, 2010

my REAL wall – 17 August 2010

In the last few months I’ve been busily getting on with other things, most of which have eaten into postcard time.

In addition to eating into postcard time, artefacts of my non-postcard life have been impinging into the space usually reserved for my REAL wall in the kitchen.

On the wall you can see traces of what i’ve been up to and what is to blame for my poor post record of late.

In the top left you can see the library timetable for Ealing libraries, which have an awesome graphic novel section. Lately, Ive been spending a huge amount of time reading graphic novels in Westminster libraries (where I have my latest Yaa on the Road photo exhibition), and have read pretty much everything that they have now. Elena told me that Ealing libraries have a large graphic novel section too, so I recently went there to join up.

The long strip that runs down the right side is 5 pairs of tickets for the Bush Theatre, which is my local theatre. We’ve bought tickets to every show of the next season. as local residents we get tickets for only 90p each, so this whole set of tickets cost us only £9!!! Given that the last show, The Great British Country Fete, was absolutely brilliant, I can’t wait to get all these shows in.

Down at the bottom are all the Tesco clubcard points we are collecting obsessively. These are worth 4 times as much as their face value when you buy university courses from the Open University, so we have been scavenging these wherever we can.

Up in the top right corner are some 2 for 1 vouchers to some UK attractions. We used oneof these vouchers this weekend to get 2 tickets to Warwick castle, where we saw knights and princesses, jousting and sword-fighting and medieval historical plays and birds of prey. It was great!

So yeah, this last few months I’ve settled into domestic bliss, with all the associated highs and lows.

But still, you guys haven’t abandonned me, and that makes me very happy indeed! In amongst the few pieces of post I’ve recieved in this quiet time are a Ryosuke Cohen Brain cell (centre) and a collage from Madmadge (centre left).

Also, just arrived through the door today from Italy, a lovely mixed media piece called "The Flow of life", which I think is no. 150 in a set! Thanks to Walter Festuccia for this!

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