October 31, 2010

your REALwall – post from Ammy from Singapore

Ammy has been a long time correspondent with my REAL wall and I am proud to say that I’m on her postcard list, so when she goes away I get postcards from exotic places. Recently I sent Ammy a card for her wall and you can see that she’s now run out of wall space, so mine is on her wardrobe. Ammy is on her way to Macau and Hong Kong soon, so keep your eyes peeled for some more post from the far east soon.

This is the second pic of one of Ammy’s walls with one of my postcards that I’ve received from Ammy’s camera, the first one shows that Ammy is as keen on postcards as I am!

I’d love to know who sent some of those other pieces – is that a Grthink piece on the main wall perhaps?

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