November 30, 2010

my REAL wall gets snowy in the Peak District

Me and Elena decided to drive up to the Peak District this weekend. Perhaps this wasn’t the most wise idea, me suffering from a terrible cold and all, but I spluttered my way through and we were rewarded with the beautiful snowswept scenery you see before you.

Thanks to all of you who sent mail, which came with us. It was so cold on Friday night and not once did I consider using any of your mailart as firewood. Oh no not me.

November 29, 2010

my REAL wall in Oxford

my REAL wall in Oxford, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

This weekend me and Elena hired a car and drove north. Stopping off in Oxford to see my brother, we decided it only humane to take your postcards out to see the sights.

Camel, Louise Dodo and Ammy, your cards are in front of the Radcliffe Camera, which was the idea of John Radcliffe, a great Oxford physician (the hospital in Oxford is called the John Radcliffe). He wanted to build a library and today the Rad Cam, as it’s locally known, houses the Radcliffe Science Library

November 23, 2010

my REAL wall counts down to Mailart 365

Last week I had an idea – I would make mailart every day for a year. Simple idea really, and a 365 that I thought I could stick to, with a little help from my friends as I have very poor willpower myself.

So I merrily toddled off and bought, and invited some people along for the ride.

Most of the mailartists who have signed up to join me in this marathon endeavour are people who are long time fans of my REAL wall, and there are one or two surprises thrown in too.

Today’s REAL wall is a homage to the people who are coming along for the ride and contains post from as many of them as I have post from.

The participants list so far can be seen on the site at, and includes Postmuse, Mim4art, Katerina Nikoltsou, L-Plate Big Cheese, Rejin Leys and Elena

Up in the middle of the central column is Elenas latest piece, a quilled skull. This skull was made for Mim4art‘s son Noah Scalin, who runs Skull-a-day and this is Elenas contribution – you saw it here first!

The large black piece is extremely fragile and rarely sees the light of day. This was found by L-plate on holiday in Portugal. Apparently it was given to her as a sickbag on a ferry, and strangely, each one had been intricately decorated by someone with Tippex/whiteout! One of my lesser known collections is a collection of sickbags, and so people I know tend to bring me sickbags (unused) from their holidays, and this is a true gem. In case you’re thinking of sending me one, please make sure it’s not soiled or blank, as it’s jsut depressing when it looks like a sanitary bag.

A cheeky one to include on this wall is a mailartist called Valentine Mark Herman, a French mailartist. It’s still not clear whether Valentine will be submitting for mailart 365, but he is currently doing a 365 of sorts where he sends envelopes that he sends to himself, one a day for a year. It’s art. It goes in the mail. It lasts a year. So who knows maybe he’ll come around to the idea…

November 21, 2010

my REAL wall – 21st November 2010

Not much post in this week, and I have been really busy organising my newest mailart project, Mailart 365 at the moment.

Among the posts this week comes one from Camel-o-rama, a Seattle-based tattoo artist and postcrosser. This awesome piece is a design for someones tattoo, and has got Elena badgering me to have a tattoo again. Who knows you may see a Camel-o-rama special on my REAL skin one day.

The Homer Simpson post comes from Lorraine Kwan. Lorraine’s last post was a pimped photo that she sent from Vancouver a few months back and this time she’s pimped up Homer, oggling some Dim Sum buns.

The Okadascat piece next to that is a favourite of mine and Elena’s, so much so that it is used as a bookmark most the time and travels around with us daily.

The Sweet Raisin post comes from one of my oldest REAL friends. Not old as in OLD (I have to clear that up before Louise beats me) but old as in, I’ve known her since I was about 5 years old, and we’re still friends. Imagine that!

Of the remaining items, there is a letter from British Gas, apologising for the terrible customer service they put me and Elena through over the last few months. Having cut us off for a mistake that was none of our fault, they took 2 months to replace our gas supply, and finally they have held their hands up and admitted that they could have done better. The letter is a long overdue apology, in which they refunded us some of the money that we spent, and they also bought us a pair of tickets to see the Lion King in the West End. They also bought Elena a large bouquet of flowers 2 weeks ago, so I think we can consider that issue closed now.

Look closely and you’ll see a little bride, so you know what I’ve been thinking about for the last week. The date has now been set for our wedding – 19th March! Yay!

November 17, 2010

Mim4Art your REAL wall November 2010

Mim has been a long time contributor to my REAL wall and is a co-conspirator when it comes to mailart talks. It was partly because of her that I started giving lectures in mailart, so I thought it was only right to send a postcard to her designed by my students from my mailart lecture.

The big green Male art card in the centre was drawn by one of my students in a recent lecture. She had assuemd that my talk was going to be on MALE art as opposed to female art (or mailart) and hence the pic.

Nice to see it made it up on to Mims REAL wall all the way over there in Richmond, VA.

Here’s what Mim has to say about the whole thing:

My REAL wall is a jumble. I hesitate to remove anything because it’s like a house of cards with one thing propped on another’s pushpin or sharing pins. Plus, I like looking at things for a long time, remembering who sent them to me, like the little Dutch shoes, or keep things at hand like my MimPost stamps or the collage going into an exhibit.

One day, I’ll take it all down and start fresh, or not.

November 15, 2010

my REAL wall – 13 November 2010

Always a pleasure to come home and find that Elena has put up a REAL wall in the house.

On Friday, I got home and Elena had tidied the place up. She gets Friday off, so she decided to tidy up the piles of post that were lying around waiting to be posted up.

There were some real gems among the piles of post. Benjamin Shaw from Australia has sent one of his self-designed envelopes to the wall with a card. You can find more of his designs on his site, which is on something called "facebook" whatever that is.

Mim Scalin and me have been chatting a lot lately. I didn’t make the connection, but she is related to Noah Scalin, the one behind Skull-a-day, one of my favourite craft blogs. At the moment, both me and Elena are hatching our skullduggery for him, so watch that site for our stuff, and pretty soon you’ll be seeing another new project by me inspired by Noah launching.

In the top right corner is a letter addressed to "Employees of my REAL wall" – it seems that a local gym has got hold of the address of my REAL wall and has offered any employees of mine a discount. Which is rather nice of them.

Ammys REAL wall is below a pic by Rebecca, who is one of Elena’s favourite regulars. Even since she wraped up her sky project, we’ve still kept in touch, which is a great thing.

November 14, 2010

A postcard dinner

A postcard dinner, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

Early this week me and Elena were invited by L-plate Big Chese for a postcard dinner.

Yesterday, we went over to her house, via the Garden Museum, which is just around the corner from her place.

Still wondering what the heck a postcard dinner was, we sat down in the Russian kitchen at about 2.

After making sure that we were properly settled in with smoked Sprats and a fresh loaf of bread, L-plate explained the concept.

"Today’s meal is made from postcards I found in my Russian grannies attic" she started, "she kept a load of postcard of recipes in Russian and when I saw them I just knew I had to invite you over for dinner!"

An excellent idea, and so great to know that postcards can inspire dinner invites and bring people together. In case you’re wondering, we had Котлеты "Украина" с соус-винегрет и Троядна украинсрая, and if you want the recipe, then I’m sure that L-plate would be happy to oblige!