November 4, 2010

The postcards of Jackass Lane

At the moment, Elena and I are going on a lot of walks through the autumnal countryside of southern Britain in our weekends.

Most of the time we leave the house, we take a bunch of postcards with us too, so that they can share the view. After all, England has some of the most wonderful countryside.

Today we walked from Woldingham to Oxted in Surrey, on one of the most beautiful routes we’ve ever walked. The autumn leaves blazed deep red lining the wood fllor and this route was puncuated at intervals with tranquil and beautiful ponds which took our breath away.

Unfortunately for you, I forgot to pack my trusty blu-tac, which would have allowed me to stick your postcards on trees and that sort of thing, so you’ll have to miss all these sights and content yourself with a humorous roadsign that we saw instead, which was about the only place I could safely park your postcards.

Sorry about that folks!

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