January 15, 2011

my REAL wall – 15 January 2011

Another bumper mailart week at my REAL towers, with a steady influx of mailart from fans and mailartists the world over.

This week I met my mailart mentor, the man who introduced me to mailart 2 years ago, Grthink, for the first time. The wonderful world of the internet huh!

He responded to my ad for mail on the London online noticeboard Gumtree then pointed me in the direction of postcrossing and IUOMA and I’ve never looked back.

He popped over after a tech show this week and stuck his piece up himself, which was a real thrill! Not only that, but it’s also a label piece, reminiscent of my recent label work, merging labels and his ghosts with some QVC cards he’s been trying to get rid of.

Check out the new stuff from IUOMA member Jen Staggs and from Keira Pannell (E for Egoyan)

Paula Smiths huge parcel of collage material arrived and I have some new post from a new mailartist I’ve not seen before called Janet Heritage. Hope to see more in future, it’s great, check out the metallic embossing.

Michalis Kotsaris has 2 pieces up on the wall today. It was really cool that one was addressed to me and one to Elena. I love Michalis Kotsaris’s style, so it’s a huge thrill to have 2 of his pieces up at once.

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