January 17, 2011

my REAL wall – 17 Jan 2011

my REAL wall – 17 Jan 2011, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

I am a huge fan of Kiera Pannel’s work on mailart 365 and have been since her first This Is Art card came through the postbox of my REAL wall last year. Imagine my delight then, to be hosting 2 of her recent Film Alphabet series on one wall, A to Elena and E to Andy. Sly!

Today’s calendar entries are from Okami and an Aussie called Molly McGrath, who has added a REAL like button to the site! How cool is that!

Americans joining in today are Jennie "Red Letter Day" Hinchcliffe, Paula Smith and Mad Madge.

I’m not exactly sure how the Webbys card got there, but they have somehow got my address. Perhaps there’s someone over there watching my REAL wall. I’d like to think so.

Last but not least is the third of 12 pieces from my childhood friend Louise, who has seen my REAL wall and been inspired to start creating mailart, though not to quite the intense pace of mailart 365, one a month for 2011 which will be coming through my mailbox.

A quick REAL wall story for you all before I finish. As many of you know, I’m an e-learning advisor at a university. On Friday I attended a conference for pretty much all the e-learning professionals in the country.

There was a call for presentations, and I decided, as it was my first time there, to present my postcard thing as a way to integrate electronic networking and social interaction between students as proven by my university portfolios thing. Social interaction and keeping it REAL.

When I walked in there were way more people than I thought. 250 of them actually. All the e-learning professionals I know and respect and many I don’t. It was terrifying.

The speakers were chosen by random selector and every time the selector spun, I got really really nervous thinking "What the hell am I doing – presenting to a bunch of esteemed e-learning folk about sending postcards!"

Every time the spinner span, I drank half a bottle of beer to steel my nerves in case it fell on me to present my REAL portfolio project, and by the end, with only my name and about 5 others in the hat I was so drunk I couldn’t really remember what I was meant to be saying.

Luckily (or unlucily, I can’t really tell) my star didn’t shine that night and I stayed in a corner drunk instead of presenting my REAL wall to an unsuspecting group of educational technologists.

Probably for the best…

Thanks to everyone for keeping it REAL!

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