February 15, 2011

my REAL wall – A blast from the past

It’s been just over 2 years since my REAL wall started, as nothing more than a blank wall above my clothes drying radiator in a small room I lived in on the other side of Shepherds Bush.

2 years on, I wanted to recreate the "glory" days and so I hung some cruds and socks up on my new radiator and put my received postcards up. It’s just like the old days.

Ahhh that brings me back….

3 thoughts on “my REAL wall – A blast from the past

  1. Karen those puzzle pieces are brilliant aren't they! They are the trademark style of a Turkish mail artist called Ahet Demir. I am thrilled to have them!

    As for the crude L-plate, Elena actually took drastic action and took all the old ones out and threw them away. They were antiques I tell you. Collectors items I reckon after their multiple appearances on my REAL wall. She may have had a point though…

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