February 27, 2011

my REAL wall – Mailart inspiration

One of the best things about running my REAL wall for the last 2 years has been inspiring a whole lot of people I have never met to make art. I find it amazing that my little project, that started off as a little joke to amuse myself actually gets people to pick up a pencil and draw something.

Even more exciting lately, is how this year, after reactivating my facebook account and feeding my flickr feed in, some people I have actually met are starting to create mailart too. With the relentless barrage of mailart feeds that they get, I think my friends are starting to get the idea that facebook wall posts don’t cut it for me any more! So this year I’ve started seeing mailart from people I know in my mailbox! What a rush!

The big envelope in the middle right is from a friend Jen, who travels the world as a perennial nomad. She always sends postcards from wherever she goes, and regular viewers of my REAL wall will no doubt have seen a piece from her.

She decided to pick up the pencils this time and pimped up the envelope, which made me really happy! We’ve only met once, as she is the girlfriend of a friend of mine, and we met when they passed through London last, but I was so pleased that my REAL wall has brought the artist out of her!

I wonder what that is escaping from Prosthet’s Pacman envelope…?

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