February 15, 2011

your REAL desk by Noah Scalin of Skulladay

Noah Scalin, creator of Skulladay recently received a quilled skull from Elena.

Today, I was meandering through Noah’s Twitter and noticed that his desk had been featured on fromyourdesks.com. When I realised that his wall was also included, I scoured the wall for a sight of a piece from me or Elena and lo and behold, Elena’s quilled skull is second row up, just above that green postcard!

So a sly appearance of a REAL wall on another site courtesy of Elena and Noah, tag-teaming across continents!

Thanks to Kate from fromyourdesks.com and to Noah for the pic. Check out the desks of other cool people at http://fromyourdesks.com/ and kick off your 365 in style with http://makesomething365.blogspot.com/

February 14, 2011

my REAL wall – 14 Feb 2011

my REAL wall – 14 Feb 2011, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

Most times, it’s obvious when I’m home alone, and Elena is out because on those days I tend to go into REAL wall overdrive to try and forget that she’s away.

Tonight, sadly Elena has to work, and I’ve made a little smiley face out of mailart to try and cheer myself up. She was also out yesterday, which is why we had no commemorative 2 year anniversary wall, as yesterday marks the 2nd year of this postcard-sticking madness!

Todays collection of mailart inspiration comes from JJAlltheway, Riaviewmirror, Spodob and Farmageddon among others!

Thanks as always to Ivan and Jen for keeping me posted from their neverending world trip

The postcard with the trumpeter on it had a link to this site – I had heard of the art machine before, where people put art in and other people buy the art like a vending machine. It’s a great idea and I would love to see one. Has any of you ever come across one of these?

February 13, 2011

your REAL wall from Gabby Cooksey #2

This is the second wall from Gabby, who swaps loads of cool letters with her mum! There's my "St. Aldates Reimgined". Gabby says

I recently got  a LOT of mailart this week and I put it all up. even though a third of it is from my mum, ha 😀
Gabby Cooksey

February 10, 2011

my REAL wall 07 Feb 2011 – Affirmative action!

In with your postcards and mailart this week is a letter from the editor of London’s Evening Standard. I sent a collage to the editor asking them to write more happy articles.

Today I received a reply on an Evening Standard notecard, promising to try to write more happy articles! How cool!

Where else in the world would you find letters from the editor of London’s most widely circulated evening paper alongside postcards from London talk show DJs and the worlds very best mailartists! There are zentangles, seductive ladies, swirlies, heads and every other piece of imaginable art this week!

Thanks to all for your continued enthusiasm!

February 4, 2011

Little Big Stories – Pieces received

If I’ve received your piece for Little Big Stories, I’ll put it up on my flickr site then post it up here! Please leave a comment if you see yours, and when you send leave us a comment below with a URL so I can link you up! Deadline is March 11, 2011, so do hurry and get your pieces in!


Received pieces so far
Untitled by Conor Donegan (UK)
“Life and Death” by Jaromir Svozilik (Norway)
Fluxus Artistamps by Tiziana Baracchi (Italy)
“Two balloons” by Michel Della Vedova (France)
“Time Travel Taxi” by Peter Brazier (UK)
“Through the Looking Glass” by Cathey Bayless (USA)
“Groucho Marx goes for a walk” by Darryl Cunningham (UK), author of ‘Psychiatric Tales
“Telling a story” by Mim (USA)
Untitled by Peter Tran (UK)
“How to post art No. 725” by A.1. Waste Comics
“Love in the time of mailart” by Rebecca Guyver (UK)
“The outrage” by Mailart Martha (UK)
“One day in life” by Lindenhof (Germany)
“Penny Black” by Valentine Mark Herman (France)
Untitled by Tania Krosse (France)
“Big Stories on Small Paper” by James Weaver (USA)
“Spring Thaw” by Laura Podob (USA)
Untitled by Enzo Salanitro (Italy)
“Ithaca” by Michalis Kotsaris (Greece)
“The Blue Cloud” by Mariano Filippetta (Italy)
Untitled by PJ (USA)
“Six seasons” by Helder Coelho Dias (Portugal)
“Science Marks”, “Yours and Mine”, and “Mail Love” by Snippy Snippy Crab Kristine (Australia)
“The Vision” by Biomechanicsinc (Belgium)
“The Days of Imp Pilot” – by Baos3113 (USA)
“Presenting the mailartist who wanted to be famous” – By Andrea Jay (USA)
“Stories in a portrait 1, 2, 3” – Dewi (USA)
“Chromosomes” by JJAlltheway (Australia)
“8705” by Johannes Gerard (The Netherlands)
“Love Story” by Nhigh (USA)
“The End” by Bob Marzewski (USA)
“Literature Man” by Grant Snider (USA)
Untitled 1-30 by Simon Warren (UK)
“Paper Vision (2008)” and “Pendant la revolution 1986)” and “Paper” by Serse Luigetti (Italy)
“The envelope of childhood dreams” by Chantal Batchelor (UK)
“Where’s my mailart?” by Camelorama (USA)
“Temptress” by Jonathon Linkletter (Canada)
“The Intercorstal” and “A Ghost Story” by Garth A Hopkins
“Miss Moti and the Ultra Girl” by Kripa Joshi
“Yummy” by David G Lindberg (USA)
“Upbringing” by skeptlorist
“A day of the dead” by Helen Macdonald (UK)
“Kate Humble and Bill Odie build the horse of Troy” by Amy Oliver (UK)
“Night of the munchies” by Red Inca (UK)
36 stories from the classes of Rebecca Guyver – I’ve scanned and uploaded these to flickr with some of the quotes from the back of the postcards
“Alices Fall” by Daniela Dente (Italy)
Early String Theory” by Tyson Cole

If you’ve pledged a piece, I’ve put your name and weblink up here. If you still have to send a piece, what are you waiting for! The address is below

Mailart Martha Envelope

If you’re still not sure what to do, why not have a chat with some mailartists at the Little Big Stories mailart groups on IUOMA or on Facebook

February 1, 2011

my REAL wall – 01 Feb 2011

my REAL wall – 01 Feb 2011, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

One more birthday card on there, as I went to Vietnamese Karaoke this weekend and got a card and a book from Alina, Elena’s best friend. To be honest, I’m not sure what to do with the book, as I don’t read much. Thinking of collaging it, unless anyone else reads Clive Cussler? I’m quite happy to drop it in the post if it will find a good home. I also hope that she doesn’t tune in too regularly to this blog…

B, I am loving the development of your art style! I feel so priveleged that I’m getting to watch it unfolding before me. Keep it up!

Whoop! 2 weeks in a row with mailart from Rachel Freeman! How lucky are we here at my REAL wall! I’m a huge not-so-secret admirer of her work!

February 1, 2011

your REAL wall by mim4art – 01 Feb 2011

Mim has been a supporter of my REAL wall for a long time, sending her first REAL wall back in August 2009.

One of the first members of mailart365, Mim’s output is prolific, to the point that I measure what number I’m supposed to be on by what number she’s on (which usually has a suffix after it, like 63a, 63b, 63c as she is doing mailart1000 it seems!)

Here’s Mim’s latest REAL wall, covered with mailart365 gems, including one of Elena’s quilled pieces, Spring Blossom. In amongst all those, I can spot a Katerina Nikoltsou, Red Letter Day, Dewi and many other superstars of mailart!

If you’re on flickr, tag your work with a note