March 1, 2011

my REAL wall – Greek Bin invasion!

The main component on today’s wall is from Greek mailartist, Katerina Nikoltsou, who has been avidly photographing the buildup of rubbish in Thesaloniki, where she lives. Since the global financial crash, bins have been overflowing in the streets and some of her Little Big Stories present these pictures in a way that gets past all your defences.

The adventures of Ben the bin and Bev put a twist on the bin photos with the simple addition of expressive faces and captions that are hilarious. But underlying the humour is a sad tale that in fact, the greed of our bankers has left a country in ruins. Genius.

Benjamin Shaw has sent a package of his new envelopes – you can see the first one on the bottom row. The other 9 in his new series will be up on display shortly, or you can check out his site and see them even earlier!

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