March 11, 2011

my REAL wall – mini-Andy returns

Behold! It’s the return of mini-Andy!

This cute remake of the mini-Adventurer was done by Okadascat, our favourite yarnbombing mailartist. mini-Andy 2.0 has already had his first adventure, to the O2 arena in Greenwich, and is going to go on our honeymoon with us, then he’s all yours! The new mini-Andy is now safe to travel on his own, and if you want to take him on an adventure, then just drop a comment somewhere and make your case!

Also on my REAL wall today is a new mailartist I encountered on Twitter, called Kiyotei, who produces some very awesome stuff!

Already the wedding mailart is coming in, and you can see the 4 piece commemorative skeleton piece from Camel there in the centre. More 365 pieces from Dewi, Sue Bowen and I’m a superhero and can like fly and shit, and a welcome return to the wall for Felicity Lingle and Rejin Leys!

Big thanks to Robert Graham too, who I think is set to become a regular fixture on my REAL wall.

The excellent watercolour (?) lady in bikini is by Jenny England from Australia. It’s really stunning and I believe it’s a first appearance for this artist on the wall.

Also, if you’re watching, could whoever it was who sent the piece in the bottom left hand corner come out and say so please! No return address it’s a mystery!

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